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Agrigenetics d.o.o.

founded on September 15, 1993, by founder and owner prof. dr. sc. Milutin Bede.

The company's core business is winter wheat breeding and seed production, our headquarter is in Osijek, and breeding program is located in Kutjevo. Agrigenetics d.o.o. Plant Breeding and Seed production in 2019 marks 26 years of its activity. Twenty-six years in wheat breeding is a short period of time, especially if it is known that for creating one variety it takes at least ten years. Winter wheat breeding in Agrigenetics is a continuation of the longtime breeding work of Professor Milutin Bede, which began in 1971. Today in Agrigenetics we have over seventy winter wheat varieties recognized. All of our varieties are on the European Common Catalogue, many of which are registered abroad (Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia, Turkey). Our varieties are sown on 15-20% of wheat growing area in Republic of Croatia. Most prominent among them are Maja, Mia, Viktoria, Karla and AG Hurem.

It is also a great pleasure for us to present our two new wheat varieties registered in Croatia in 2018 - AG Vatrena and AG Srebrna. Looking today at varieties Maja, Mia, Viktoria, Karla, AG Hurem and others, let us remind ourselves of some of the old varieties of Professor Bede such as Osječanka, Slavonija, Žitarka, Srpanjka, Ana and others, which we still use today as sources of genetic variability by trying to improve some of their properties and thus create some new Žitarka, a new Srpanjka and so on. We have just achieved a part of this goal with our new varieties AG Vatrena and AG Srebrna. Twenty-six years of work is behind us. Whether we have succeeded or not, decide for yourself. A large number of recognized varieties in the Republic of Croatia and abroad, and a significant share of our varieties in production show that we have become an important factor in winter wheat breeding and seed production in Croatia.

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